Super Bowl XLIX

It’s the morning of Super Bowl XLIX, and the excitement has never been higher. Nachos, chicken wings, and freedom fries are bound to be consumed in record setting quantities across North America. The Super Bowl also happens to be the single most gambled on sporting event worldwide. Inspired by this, our staff of investigative journalists here at Beadetiquette have collected some of the more interesting bead-related bets that Vegas has to offer. All of these bets will continue to have live action until kickoff in Arizona.

3:2      Top Brady is caught on camera kissing his red white and blue beads after scoring a touchdown

3:1      Marshawn Lynch throws his beads into the crowd after scoring a touchdown

7:2      Katy Perry opens the halftime show with her new hit single “California Beads

4:1      The referee calls 1 or more bead related penalties

5:1      Stadium sales revenue from beers exceeds stadium sales revenue from beads

8:1      The game is delayed due to beads being thrown onto the field

10:1    The Cincinnati Bengals are mentioned by the TV announcers more than the New England Patriots

12:1    Rob Gronkowski trips over the beads thrown on the field

15:1    The players dump beads on the winning coach instead of Gatorade™

18:1    Richard Sherman makes a tackle by lassoing the receiver with his beads

30:1    Bill Belichick accidentally throws red beads instead of the red challenge flag

100:1  Beadetiquette is mentioned in the MVP winner’s speech

In addition to these bets, there are even a couple of cross-sport related bets that can be undertaken.

2:1      Darrelle Revis wears more beads than Sidney Crosby scores point against the Nashville Predators

18:1    Max Pacioretty has more shots on goal than bead-related chants started by the Arizona stadium crowd

This goes to show that the real passion of NFL fans is not football, but beads. And after tonight fans can begin the countdown to Mardi Gras 2015. This year’s official date for Mardi Gras is February 17, 2015. And just like the Super Bowl, expect weeklong celebrations leading up to the event.


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